Robbie Williams by Supreme RW


The Band
Robbie Williams belongs to one of the best entertainers of our era and has inspired fans worldwide. Five years ago, five excellent musicians decided to come together to establish the Robbie Williams Coverband SUPREME.

With Mario Nowack they found a lead singer whose voice is nearly identical to Robbie´s. Exactly that puts SUPREME in a different league to others. If you close your eyes you wouldn´t hear any difference between SUPREME and the original. But SUPREME has much more to offer than the singers impressive voice. The professionalism of the musicians makes each concert such a terrific experience that the public won´t ever forget. With Waldemar (guitar), Sascha (keyboards), Patrick (bass) and Peter (drums) there are four musicians, who not only master their instruments with a talent of such natural ability, but together with the lead singer they deliver an absolutely unbelievable live show.

During a two and a half hour programme, the crowd is incited to be part of a show full of awesome entertainment. It offers nothing less than absolute perfection, supplemented by professional stage and lighting technicians creating a true spectacle. With their live music and inparticularly their grandiose show, SUPREME always manage at each venue to get the public to erupt.

With their increasingly widening reputation, these five talented musicians can proudly call themselves the BEST Robbie Williams Coverband in Europe.The public can already look forward to the songs from the latest album « Reality Killed The Video Star » that emerged November 2009. The first single „Bodies“ shot straight to number one in the German charts, clearly proving Robbie´s status. With this great comeback, giving SUPREME a lot of new material, the public may expect the live shows to hold more suprises and can look forward to upcoming concerts this year.

SUPREME has an understanding like no other coverband, to present the songs from Robbie Williams very authentically while also adding an exciting personal touch. It´s exactly this composition that spots the band and always draws the masses. While Robbie Williams continues to set the standards, SUPREME are on a scale to say « LET US ENTERTAIN YOU ».



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